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Prevue HR

Generating Weekly Insights

One of Prevue's strategy to stay connected to their customers is by providing them weekly insights on HR or hiring-related topics. As the content rep of the team, I published over 100 blogs for the company during my 3 years time there. Written in a voice that fits the casual tone that Prevue aims for, here are some of my top picks.

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"For most of us who have experienced only the norm of a two-weeks vacation policy, the idea of unlimited paid time off (PTO) sounds enticing and almost unreal. No more choosing between spending two days at your kid’s soccer tournament or working just to save the days off for a bigger vacation. In a competitive market where job perks and culture can be key to attracting the best talents, unlimited holidays may seem like a great addition to offer potential hires."

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"Digital innovations and advances have provided new opportunities for companies to save time and hire better in different ways. One time-saving technology recruiters and employers are leveraging is artificial intelligence (AI), which has gained a new spotlight among HR professionals for its ability to deal with high-volume hiring. However, while many of these technologies promise to help organizations find the right person and screen out the wrong people in a much faster and easier fashion, they come with unintended consequences that may end up doing more harm than good to your hiring efforts."

Pulse Digital Agency

Social Media Captioning

Based on the given brand guide and archetype, I gave a number of businesses, ranging from coffee shops to realtors, a voice to capture their audience on social media. Take a look at some of the companies I worked with through Pulse Digital! 

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