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Prevue Team-Fit Quiz

Building a quiz on a no-code app development platform to increase product awareness and engagement.

My Role: UI, Work Flow, Copywriting

Team: Marketing (Individual)

Duration:  Aug 2021, One week

Tools: Adalo (No-code online app builder)

The Brief

The idea and inspo behind the Team-Fit quiz app

Prevue provides science-based and data-driven candidate screening to help employers find the best job-fit. As a supplement to this tool, the company expanded its product line to include measurements for an individual's team-fit, essentially determining how a person may work in specific situations, their preferences for work, and their communication styles. A specific team type character gets assigned to each candidate after completing an assessment.

The Team-Fit quiz is built based on Prevue's complete personality test and team-fit analysis. The idea started when I was in the marketing team brainstorming ways to promote the product. The goal is to give customers a "taste" of the product while following a similar skeleton to how team-fit is being measured in the actual tool. I wanted to create something casual but engaging, so customers can have a feel of the tool themselves without feeling like they're in another sales pitch.

Have you ever done those Buzzfeed quizzes to "Find out which Disney princess you are"? Same concept, except in my case - it's to find out which Prevue team type you belong to!


Prevue was facing the challenge to properly promote their Team-Fit product to new and existing clients. Given the complex science that goes behind this tool, it was a challenge communicating how the product works to customers who have basic to no knowledge of psychometrics testing.


In the role of a marketing coordinator, I self-started this project to create a Team-Fit quiz, not only to promote the product, but to also help engage customers in a fun and casual way. The web app was built via Adalo, a no-code app development platform.

Work Flow

Understanding the flow!

You can treat this Team-Fit quiz app like another Buzzfeed quiz where you find out in the end which character you are, based on your preferences. Each question is presented with two "A vs. B" options. Starting from Question 1, your answer (A or B) depicts the next question being asked - creating a route that leads to the final team type character that we think is closest to who you are.​

app flowchart bg.png

The Results

What's the outcome?

As part of a marketing drip campaign to engage new leads and prospects, the Team-Fit quiz has been included in one of the automated e-mail series to give customers a taste of Prevue's Team-Fit product. 

Try the quiz out yourself here!

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