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Redesigning a hiring assessment software that was built in the 90s. 

My Role: UI, Copywriting, Task Flows

Team: Marketing (2 people)

Duration:  Nov 2020, Three weeks

Tools: Adobe XD, Illustrator


The Brief

Wait... why was a Marketing member doing UI design?

Facing the risk of losing competitive edge over modernized software and simplistic user flows, Prevue made the decision to redesign their old hiring system and a very outdated interface.


It was a priority for the company to have someone who knows the ins and outs of their product to take on the role. Hence, marketing (arguably one of the more design-oriented teams at the time) got selected to become the captains of this project. 


Despite having a lack of knowledge in the field of user experience, I assured myself to take on the role of a UI designer and writer alongside my then manager. Starting with learning basic UX software like Adobe XD to dissecting and reworking an old system so it would translate better to modern day users. 


Prevue's customers relied heavily on support from their in-house Success Managers due to complicated and user-unfriendly system user flows. Faced with a very old fashioned interface, users were not utilizing and getting the most of what Prevue had to offer. 


As a team of two, we restructured significant hiring-related user flows that are easy enough for customers to learn and use on their own. I took on the responsibility to create a new and modernized interface that was used consistently as a theme across the software.

prevue old new.png

PrevueHub Prototype

Building a consistent theme with enhanced functionality

The new design follows a theme and colour scheme that aligns with Prevue's brand palette. A more fun and modern twist that differ from the original "list-type" view, we created "item cards" for Positions, Candidates, and Studies that include all immediate info a user would want to know by first glance. 

Hiring managers also receive hundreds of applications for each job. Some may even have dozens of positions to fill. To make it easy for users to find what they need, we added side panels on each page to enhance search abilities, allowing customers to filter through a vast list of items in just seconds.

prevue theme.png

Assessment Station Prototype

Rebranding a hiring software not only for hiring managers, but for candidates too!

It is in every HR professional's interest to provide job applicants a positive candidate experience. With that in mind, we aimed to build an assessment station that not only appeals to the eyes of both young and old talents, but works effectively in capturing test results and data. 

As an example, we included an "answer tracker" in Prevue's assessment station to track whether a question has been answered. Given the time limits during an assessment, test takers could skip or miss a question. The tracker on the side gives them an idea of the questions left unanswered, and gives them the chance to revisit and complete them. 

assessment station old new.png

The Results

What's the outcome?

Using the above mockups and user flows created, Prevue's web development team went ahead and brought our designs to life. The company launched the new interface and software in March 2022 and has been well received by existing customers with its easier-to-navigate layout and functions. 

Key Learnings

Marketing vs. UX - What could I have done better?

I was pretty proud of my work despite not knowing the full depth of a proper UX process at the time. If I could go back in time and improve the product, I would love to dedicate time to conducting user research through focus groups and surveys. While we've already taken into deep consideration the functionality and usability of the software, I believe we could take it to an even further level by incorporating the actual users' input and accessibility of the product.  

Looking back now, I can see some overlaps between Marketing and UX. Even though they're technically different fields, I was able to create a user-centered product using customer psychology as my main reference. It's true, this may not be my best work, but I am very proud of what I achieved!

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